Shorter days mean new challenges

runner  In case you haven’t noticed the days are getting a lot shorter. These shortened days present new challenges for those of us who exercise in the early morning hours.

  • Run or ride with a friend: There’s always safety in numbers.
  • Trust your instincts: If you think you are in an area you should not be, you probably are.
  • Carry a whistle or similar type of noisemaker. In the event of an emergency, the sound may scare off a would-be attacker, a boat horn might even be better.
  • Don’t wear headphones or listen to music. These can distract you from being aware of your surroundings and who may be approaching you.
  • Show you are suspicious: If you are being followed, turn to look at the person. It sends a clear message that you will not be taken by surprise.
  • Change directions:  If someone is following you on foot, cross the street and vary your pace. If the person following you is in a car, turn and walk in the opposite direction

These same challenges confront our children waiting or walking to the bus stop.

  • Children waiting for the bus: Never speak to strangers at the bus stop and never get into the car with a stranger. Always go straight home and tell your parents if a stranger tries to talk to you or pick you up.

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