Membership is open to all homeowners and renters in the Water’s Edge Community.

As of August 25, your following neighbors have paid their dues. In addition to helping improve your community, you will receive a 2017 window cling to show your community pride. We also wish to thank all of you in advance, who will be sending in your contribution shortly. You can send your check directly to our Treasurer, Mary Cunningham, 72 Royal Avenue, Flanders, NY 11901. Please include your Water’s Edge address, the address you wish to have the newsletter mailed to and your email.

Alshooler N & G McKenna, K & Gombert, B
Amy, M & Brasor, K Merker, R & B
Ang, L & Foelsch, F Minnick, D
Angelino, J & M Nelson, B
Arezzo, C Neville S
Blumlein, F&P Olson, T
Bonvino, A & Shann, J ONeill A
Brown, W & M Querineville, D
Bruno, M & J Ragucci, A & R
Buttigieg, M & J Reller, B & J
Cavaluzzi, J Sadera, F & A
Ceberek, P & M Sadera, W & J
Cunningham, M Schachinger, J & C
Dmitrash, M & G Single, R
Farruggia, V Siragusa, A & D
Giardina S & R Squires,T
Gigante, R & A Stack, A & D
Hagerstown, R & C Stamatiades, G & C
Johnston B & S Steward, G & Holtzman, H
Kar, M Story, Z
Kouznetsova, A & A We hunt,J
Lacey, E Wormold, E & T
Lennon, K Xerri, L & M
Maffei, F & D Yokota, T & B
McDevitt, R & D